Did you know...

        La Citadelle  Laferriere                                 Neg Marron                                            Tap Tap                                  La Bataille de Vertieres                   Jean-Jacques Dessalines   
The mammoth La Citadelle of Haiti. The fort was built by the last king of Haiti, Henri Christophe and is the 8th man-made Wonder of the World.
"Neg Maron" or "Brown Man" is a symbol of slavery and freedom the conch was used to call escaped slaves  in hiding.
Tap taps are vividly painted  pick-up trucks that serve as taxis in Haiti. These vehicles are privately owned and beautifully decorated.
Dessalines defeated the French army numerous times including Vertières which was virtually impossible at the time.
Jean-Jacques Dessalines was a leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti.